Recovery car service – How much does it cost?

What does one do when the car breaks down on the road?

Recovery car services

The most important thing when having a car breakdown and towing service is obviously safety and we will explain the few actions you need to take:  
  • Make sure you are parked in a safe place.
  • Make sure you find a secure place
  • Exit the vehicle in a safe way.
  • Contact a breakdown car service.
Situation where you can find yourself when having a car breakdown and towing service on the road:
  • Any type of accident that may happen on the road.
  • Any types of mechanical problems. 
  • Battery problems that require a jump start.
  • Flat tire issues.

Cost for recovery car services

The most basic price one can pay for a recovery car service can start at from £65. Although each recovery company has different price rules, there are some factors that are taken into account for each price setup.
First it’s the location. Bear in mind that the further you are the more expensive the job will be, because you have to take into account the cost of time the company has to cover.
Public holidays and Sundays are also subject to increased pricing that can go up to 2x for night jobs. 
The car type and issue of the vehicle. This is also taken into account since specific issues may take longer for the team to get the car on the platform.
In the recovery industry there has always been some diferent the price. Most of the companies do not share the pricing list and for that reason the client must always call in order to find out what the price for the job will be.
For one, many recovery providers will offer discounts, so if you have the cash this is a good option.
This is why Local Reco App was founded. We believe that a transparent system available to all customers is the best way to have a more competitive and fair market. The recovery industry is long overdue in the digitisation process. 
Here at Local Reco App you will have the opportunity to get a price in under 1 minute for your recovery car service.

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